What is YES Bootcamp Indoor?

What is YES Bootcamp Outdoor?

It is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. Intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness.

First, it's an amazing group training, with a very friendly atmosphere! It's a mix of circuit training and interval training, with bodyweight exercices, running, weight lifting, carrying stuff, throwing stuff... to be more specific: it is a lot of FUN! And the best? Everyone can join, YES everyone!

Why choose YES Bootcamp?

Because it's awesome

Because YOU are awesome


This is seriously the most effective workout you will ever find in Geneva, and in the world!

You want to improve your fitness level, just come over, you will be more than welcome by everyone.

When is YES Bootcamp?

Schedule can change every week due to the covid rules fluctuations, click on book now to see it

Where is YES Bootcamp?

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(High Intensity Interval Training), YES Bootcamp builds muscles while optimising fat burning, with a combination of weight lifting and cardio exercises.


Outdoor Circuit/Interval training, constant variation of exercices with a mix of body weight, running, and weight lifting. Intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness.

Spartan Race

Event organisation for group.

Yoga Class

The Yogi Saíman will share with you his amazing energy during his Yoga classes.

Diet Specialists

Make an appointment with your Dietician Ana.

Personal Training

There's nothing better than a private coaching session, to help you achieve your goals.


Wednesday afternoon, contact us for more informations.


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